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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
2400 Cook Herself deeply extra-large
Ah-Zhong hastily stormed forward and reported, “Madam, Auntie Qiao is to get a growing number of unruly! She actually prefers the chief cook to prepare a various meats meal for the small brat? Doesn’t he know Madam can’t stand up the stench of various meats? Which kind of purposes does she have?! She clearly wishes to antagonize you, Madam!”
Yin Yuerong leisurely rolled up her sleeves as she reported, “Auntie Qiao, cook the ingredients. I’ll cause it to myself personally.”
Auntie Qiao was about to communicate when Yin Yuerong’s speech was observed behind them. “Why do you should see me?”
Yin Yuerong delivered for the existing. “I know somewhat.”
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Yin Yuerong: “…”
Tangtang nodded truthfully. “I would like to try to eat it made by Grandmother!”
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Nie Tangxiao… Tangxiao…
Yin Yuerong aloofly glanced at him. “Who mentioned I told the chief cook to have a meats recipe?”
Auntie Qiao: “…!!!”
Ever since then, she hadn’t prepared.
“Then what’s the which means behind your own name?” Yin Yuerong inquired.
She acquired nearly forgotten she actually knew how to make meals. For Si Huaizhang, she learned an array of cooking techniques.
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Tangtang’s title?

Yin Yuerong went back towards the current. “I am aware a little.”
However, he didn’t eat a single thing she manufactured even one time.
Tangtang blinked. “Figure, Grandma!”

Yin Yuerong considered the little fella’s active expression and sparkly starry eyeballs, and her very own gaze gradually softened involuntarily. “Mm, it’s a great identify.”
Alternatively, she went into him at your workplace after, ingesting the encased lunch that girl developed for him. The dinner was poorly created and sprang out a bit scorched even, but he handled it just like a cherish. He even flew right into a terrible rage toward her because she knocked above the food items that gal manufactured.
Tangtang nodded truthfully. “I wish to consume it done by Grandma!”
It appeared to be an extremely laid-back brand, although the interpretation actually ended up being this heated.
Ah-Zhong: “…?”
[1] Cool night-time
Sugary and sour… extra ribs…
Tangtang blinked. “Guess, Grandmother!”

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